Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Here’s a little history titbit for you. Screen printing was actually invented by the Chinese during the Song Dynasty around 960-1279 AD. Huh, who knew right? Sure, it was a very early form of the printing process that we now know, but it sewed the seed.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that screen printing was popularised by artists like Andy Warhol and since then developments and refinements have taken it to what we have today.

Rather than me explaining the full process, US based printing supplies company Ryonet has some super helpful videos that will give you a snapshot of what’s involved.

When it comes to promotional products and apparel, branding using screen printing makes up a good chunk of the products that The Promo Collective can provide. Not only are the humble tee shirt and hoodie normally screen printed to excellent effect, but you can also screen print just about anything with a flat surface. Compendiums, note books, bags, caps, Umbrellas and so on can all be decorated using this process or other variations.

Screen printing has a wide range of capabilities and techniques, which can generate high quality images. Not only will it produce single colour logos extremely well, it can also produce multi colour logos by layering the individual ‘spot colours’ on top of each other. Furthermore, an experienced screen printer can also produce full colour images through Process Printing, which can give you an almost photographic output using CMYK colours. The capabilities continue through to other processes such as Discharge Printing, Flock, Plastisol Transfers and so on. A good screen printer will employ any technique in their arsenal to achieve the best result in reproduction of any given logo.

The Promo Collective partners with local printers who have decades of experience in all printing techniques so quality is assured. So, next time you or your business needs printed goods, give us a call.

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