ROI on Promotional Products

ROI on Promotional Products

So how effective are promotional products? If you’re about to invest in branded promotional merchandise, what kind of ROI can you expect?

Well the numbers are encouraging. The Australasian Promotional Product Association (APPA) regularly undertakes surveys using Sweeney Research and release these findings to APPA members. Industry stats | APPA

Some of the most encouraging results outlining the usage and effectiveness of Promotional Products are that 76% [of recipients] recall the name advertised on the product and 55% keep the item for more than one year. When you think about it, this equates to massive levels of brand exposure. A company’s brand will be seen hundreds if not thousands of times in the product’s lifetime. Given the relatively low cost of promo products compared to say TVCs or print media, the ROI in terms of exposure far outweighs other forms of media and advertising.

For more results you can refer to the APPA Industry Stats summary here. Industry stats | APPA

The Promo Collective are a member of APPA. The linked statistics appear on the APPA website under Membership Resources and Education.

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