Colour Coordinate Your Promotions

Orange colour cooler bag and products.

Colour Coordinate Your Promotions

Colour coordinate your next promotional campaign.

Good use of colour is an intrinsic part of a brand’s identity. Sure, the brand name and brand-mark are what people immediately identify when thinking of a business but the colour pallet that makes up the brand identity is also vitally important. Fast Company put some meaning behind this colouring or pallet of a brand. What they mean and the emotion they evoke.

When planning a promotional campaign, The Promo Collective will carefully select products to make the brand pop! Product colours will make the brand jump out and colour coordinating various items can produce an eye catching range of merch.

Where existing products are used, we’ll check the standard colour to ensure the best fit with your brand’s pallet. If there isn’t an available product off the shelf, we can look to custom dye it to suit if possible. This is where we really excel.

Putting together a cooler bag, pens, coffee cups and note pads for example make a great little pack as exemplified by the recent project above.

If you’re looking to colour coordinate your promotional range, contact us and we’ll help colour your world Orange, or Red, or Blue, or……. well, you get the message. 

Colour your world orange!

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